The Martyrdom of James

From Acts 12:2 we know that Herod beheaded the apostle James, brother of John, but do you know the rest of this story?

James was the first apostle to suffer death after the martyrdom of Stephen. Although Herod was the authority that took his head, James’s fate started when an individual brought charges against him before the tribunal. When the case was over and James had been condemned to death, the man who had instigated the trial was deeply moved by the behavior and continence of the apostle. James was so filled with the Spirit of God that on the way to the place of execution the one who had initiated the charges against him made a confession of faith in Christ. When he asked James to forgive him, the apostle said, “Peace be to thee, brother.” James then kissed him and both men were beheaded for their faith in 36 A.D.  A Spirit-filled life may lead to physical death.

Source: Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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