Neglecting the Midweek Service

The story is told of various church members and their attitude toward the midweek service:

Brother A. thought it looked like rain, and concluded that his family, including himself of course, had better remain at home. On Thursday evening it was raining very hard, and the same brother hired a carriage, and took his whole family to the Academy of Music, to hear M. Agassiz lecture on the “Intelligence of the Lobster.”

Brother B. thought he was too tired to go, so he stayed at home and worked at the sledge he had promised to make for Billy.

Sister C. thought the pavements were too slippery. It would be very dangerous for her to venture out. She was seen the next morning, going down the street to get her old bonnet “done up.” She had an old pair of stockings drawn over her shoes. Three-fourths of the members stayed at home. God was at the prayer-meeting. The pastor was there, and God blessed them. The persons who stayed at home were each represented by a vacant seat. God don’t bless empty seats.

Source: Feathers for Arrows, Charles Spurgeon

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