Divorce Statistics

One-third (35 percent) of Americans today say they have been through a breakup at least once in the past 10 years.

Americans under age 35 are twice as likely as those between 35 and 54, and nearly five times as likely as those 55 and older, to have split with a significant other in the past decade. In fact, 59 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 say they have recently experienced a breakup.

Although half of women (51 percent) say they initiated their most recent split, only 32 percent of men say their partner dumped them.

Infidelity is the number one reason cited by women when asked about the cause of their most recent breakup. The number one reason guys say they split with their last partner was that they simply “grew apart."

1 in 4 women say abuse was a factor in their most recent breakup, compared with just 10 percent of men.

43 percent of Americans who have been through a recent breakup say they called friends or family afterward, and 29 percent say they rented movies or watched a lot of TV (multiple answers were allowed).

36 percent of adults get over an ex by dating someone new, and 22 percent drown their sorrows in alcohol.

Source: American Demographics, February, 2003

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