The Power of Empowerment

Helping Others Reach Their Potential

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Text: Acts 9:22-31

Title: The Power of Empowerment

Introduction: When we consider the challenging, yet rewarding, aspect of leadership, the best and most reliable model for leadership will always be our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Matthew 9:1-33, we see a typical day in the ministry of the Lord:

Our passage of study revolves around one of the most encouraging characters of the Bible—Barnabas. His name means “the son of consolation.” Because Barnabas was an encourager at a pivotal moment, he shows us a picture of empowerment.

Let’s see three things about this case study of Barnabas and empowerment.

I. An Emerging Prospect

A. Emerging leaders need the right foundation

B. Emerging leaders need the right friends

II. An Empowering Partner

A. There was the believing in his empowerment

B. There was the boosting in his empowerment

C. There was the bringing in his empowerment

III. An Encouraging Potential

A. He was an encourager monetarily

B. He was an encourager ministerally

C. He was an encourager in the development of missions

D. He was an encourager to one who was missing in action

Conclusion: Greater things happen when you give others the credit.

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