Cast Thy Burden upon the Lord

Using God's Strength to Shoulder Your load

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Psalm 55

Title: Cast Thy Burden upon the Lord

Introduction: Psalm 55 was written during the developing stages of Absalom’s revolt against David and the kingdom. You can read the entire account in 2 Samuel 14-18.

This is a Maschil psalm; that is, it is a teaching psalm. A psalm of instruction.

Burdens are not accidents, but divine appointments. They are custom designed for a specific time, and a specific reason.

I. The Reality of Burdens

II. The Reaction to the Burden

A. There is a positive reaction

B. There is the personal reaction

1. Fear

2. Flight

3. Fighting back

III. The Release from the Burden

A.Courageous prayer

B. Consistent prayer

C. Confident prayer

D.Conclusive prayer

Conclusion: God calls upon us to realize the necessity of not only bringing our burdens to Him, but also allowing Him to strengthen and sustain us through our times of difficulty.

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