The Length of a Speech Does Not Indicate its Results

On March 4, 1841, William Harrison, the 9th President of the United States, delivered what proved to be, the longest inaugural speech on record. It was  nearly 9,000 words long, and despite efforts from his staff to convince him to shorten it, President Harrison insisted that the nation needed to hear the whole thing. So for nearly two hours, in the rain, on an unseasonably cold day, the President stood and delivered his address, word for word. History tells us that in the days following his inauguration, President Harrison got pneumonia, and then died exactly one month later on April 4, 1841. It could well be said that no president has ever said more and done less.

In comparison, Jesus spoke only 45 words on the cross, yet it could be said of Him, that no man ever said less and did more.

Source: Unknown
Submitted by Bill Prater

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