Resolutions of a College President

At age nineteen, these resolutions were adopted by Dr. James Clement Furman who became the first president of Furman University:

Resolved, never to speak ill of an individual but to call to mind my own sins and imperfections and be silent.

Resolved, when my heart feels cold and languid, to strive earnestly in prayer to God for deliverance from such a state and for the abiding influence of His Holy Spirit; and to inquire into the causes which have produced this effect upon me and to guard against them in the future.

Resolved, never to go to bed without having endeavored to learn something more of God as He is revealed in the Holy Scriptures than I knew when I rose in the morning.

Resolved, to keep in mind during the business of the day the good resolutions which I may have formed for my assistance so that if I neglect them, I may humble myself and in my retirement earnestly seek pardon from God.

Resolved, to say nothing to irritate the feelings of anyone and especially of my relations and friends.

Resolved, to leave as soon as possible any company which might draw off my thoughts from the things of eternity.

Resolved, never to neglect to devote a certain portion of every twenty-four hours to secret meditation and prayer.

Resolved, never to halt in doing anything of which I am convinced that it is duty.

Source: Introduction to Christian Doctrine, John Lawson
Submitted by the homiletics class of West coast Baptist College

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