Religions Addressed in John 3:16

“John 3:16 addresses a number of ‘isms.’ The phrase ‘For God’ responds to atheism, which claims there is no God. The phrase ‘so loved’ responds to fatalism, which asserts God is an impersonal force. The phrase ‘the world’ responds to nationalism, which says God loves only one group of people. The phrase ‘that He gave’ responds to materialism, which says it is more blessed to receive than to give. The phrase ‘His only begotten Son’ responds to Mohammedism, which says God has no Son. The phrase ‘that whosoever believes’ responds to five-point Calvinism, which says Christ died only for the elect. The phrase ‘in Him’ responds to pluralism, which says all religions are equal. The phrase ‘should not perish’ responds to annihilationism, which says there is no hell. The phrase ‘but have everlasting life’ responds to Armenianism, which says God only gives life conditionally. John 3:16 is a simple biblicism which reveals the mind, the heart, and the will of God.”

Source: Whosoever Will, David Allen and Steve Lemke quoting Jerry Vines

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