Proving God

Brother Kuykendal was a pastor in Texas when H. Z. Duke, founder of Duke and Ayers Nickel Stores, asked him if he believed in tithing to which he replied that he did. Mr. Duke then asked him if he practiced tithing. He answered, “No, I do not. I believe in tithing, but I cannot practice it. You see, I have thirteen children at home. Every meal fifteen of us sit down at the table. I receive only $125 a month, $1500 a year, as salary. I have to maintain my own horse and buggy for constant traveling. It is just impossible to take care of all the needs of a family of fifteen out of $125 a month and have money left to tithe. So I believe in tithing, and I preach it, but I cannot practice it.”

Mr. Duke then said, “I want you to set out to give God at least $12.50 every month as soon as you get your salary. Then as you feel led, you may give more. I promise you that if you need help, I will give it. Simply write me a letter and say, ‘Brother Duke. I am giving a tithe, but I miss the money. I need it for my family. I have given this year so much.’ I promise you that I will send you a check by return mail. Are you willing to try tithing on that basis?”

Brother Kuykendal was very excited at the offer and began tithing. That year God took care of his needs in unexpected ways so that he never had to send that letter to Mr. Duke. Near the end of the year he realized that he had trusted Mr. Duke’s promise to provide for him more than he had trusted God’s promise. He said, “I had taken the word of a man when I did not take the promise of God! Now I had proven God’s promises and found that He took care of me and my big family on a small salary. I found that $112.50 per month took care of our family better, with God’s blessing, than $125 did without being under the blessed covenant which He has made with those who seek first the kingdom of God and who tithe.”

Source: Steps for New Converts, Dr. John R. Rice