No One Else Pled for His Salvation

A pastor was passing a big department store and followed a sudden impulse to go in and talk to the proprietor on the subject of his salvation. Finding him, he said: “I’ve talked beds and carpets and bookcases with you, but I’ve never talked my business with you. Would you give me a few minutes to do so?”

Being led to the private office, the minister took out his New Testament and showed him passage after passage which brought before that business man his need to accept Jesus Christ. Finally the tears began to roll down his cheeks, and he said to the pastor: “I’m seventy years of age. I was born in this city, and more than a hundred ministers, and more than five hundred church officers have known me as you have, to do business with, but in all these years you are the only man who ever spoke to me about my soul.”

Source: The Ministers Manual, Volume 29, G. B. F. Hallock
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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