How to Not Backslide

When Billy Sunday was converted and joined the church, a Christian man put his arm on the young man’s shoulder and said, “William, there are three simple rules I can give to you, and if you will hold to them you will never write “backslider” after your name.

“Take 15 minutes each day to listen to God talking to you; take 15 minutes each day to talk to God; take 15 minutes each day to talk to others about God.”

Billy Sunday was deeply impressed and determined to make these the rules of his life. From that day on throughout his life he made it a rule to spend the first moments of his day alone with God and His Word. Before he read a letter, looked at a paper or even read a telegram, he went first to the Bible so that the first impression of the day might be what he got directly from God.

Source: Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations, Paul L. Tan
Submitted by the Homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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