Hell Is a Just Place for Sinful Men

The story is told of a Jewish woman in New York City who was approached by a Christian worker. He began to tell her of Christ and her need of salvation. He explained that she was a sinner and was going to Hell. She cried out, “I don’t believe in hell!”

“Why not?” asked the Christian.

“Because 6 million of my Jewish brothers and sisters were murdered at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his Nazis. I cannot believe they will all go to Hell!”

He then asked her, “Ma’am, so I suppose that when you get to Heaven and walk down the streets of gold, you’ll see Adolph Hitler there. Will you tell him ‘hello’ for me?”

“Adolph Hitler” she shouted, “Why, he won’t be in Heaven, he’ll be in hell!”

Yes, even this woman saw that hell was a right place to punish sinful men!

Source: Unknown
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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