Keep it Simple

Unnecessary Complexity Is Harmful

Simplicity is an important virtue of leadership. It is amazing how some people can take something simple and make it complicated. However, the goal of every preacher should be to take that which is complicated and make it simple. Although the Christian life can be complicated at times, new believers are looking for answers to life’s questions they can understand and employ.

There is no easy path to Christian maturity. Sanctification is an ongoing and lifelong process. We must not expect new believers to understand everything that has taken mature believers years to learn. “One step at a time” is a biblical and appropriate approach for new Christians.

True leaders understand their people and lead them at a pace that can be easily followed. If people cannot understand the preacher’s plans, they will not be able to follow his leadership. Teaching people the deep things and the hard things should be included in our process, but maturity must be seen as a long-term goal rather than an immediate one. Often, preachers are too far ahead and too far above the flock for them to understand the expectations.

Pastors of churches must not add too many new ministries too quickly. Too fast of a pace can have an overwhelming effect that discourages followers from serving the Lord. Before adding a new ministry, it is important to prepare people for added responsibility and allow time to properly train new leaders.

Also, keep in mind that a new ministry may continue for many years to follow. Is this a ministry the church should start? Is the church willing to make a long-term commitment to this new ministry? Too many churches have started a ministry simply because other churches have done so.

A Christian school is a prime example. Starting a Christian school should be done only by the clear leadership of the Holy Spirit. A Christian school can be a wonderful blessing, but it also can destroy a church and cause division. A Christian school will assign much more responsibility to the pastor and take him away from other areas of the ministry. Is this what you believe God wants you to do? It should only be done after much prayer.

Preaching must be biblical, but understandable. Preaching must have depth, but simplicity. Preaching should have emotion, but accuracy. Preaching should have fervency, but clarity. We must not assume that every member understands our messages. Put yourself in the shoes of a new visitor. Could you understand your message and respond to it? Sermons should endeavor to accomplish one of two things:

Either the preaching should be trying to keep something from breaking down or it should be trying to fix something that is broken. Sermons should not be information only. Preaching should affect the heart and challenge people to respond. The greatest sermons I have heard had only one main point that was drawn from Scripture, and the preacher drove that point home. Preaching is not for the sake of the preacher, but for his congregation. The key is for the man of God to get a message from God and relate it to his people in a way that they can understand and respond to it.

Most people want to follow their pastor, but the pastor must lead in such a way that they can. Keeping the ministry simple enough so people can understand and follow is imperative.

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