Salvation Has No Expiration Date

Everlasting Life Is Forever

He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life:—John 3:36a

Fresh strawberry pie would be a perfect dessert to bring to our church dinner so I checked my recipe and started gathering my ingredients. The sweet aroma from the deep-red strawberries filled my kitchen as I pulled out a pie shell, strawberry gelatin, sugar, and an old box of cornstarch. I had not used my cornstarch in some time so I checked for the expiration date. Driving to the store for another box was not a relished thought at the moment. I turned the box around and around looking for the date when I would have to proceed at my own risk and could not find any date. I grabbed my phone and searched for an answer to my question. Does cornstarch have an expiration date? I was very surprised to find out cornstarch lasts indefinitely if sealed and kept dry in a cool, dark place.

I now have something else I can pass down to my grandchildren. What a surprise that will be for them! They probably will not be brave enough to use my cornstarch in their pies years from now, but it will still be good for modeling clay if they will add 2 cups of baking soda and 1¼ cups of water to 1 cup of cornstarch, and will then boil it slowly for about 4-5 minutes. They will even be able to shade their clay with food coloring. If they will make a thinner batch, it will turn into slime or bath-time paint. Even making sidewalk chalk with my cornstarch will be an option. Maybe they will use a cupful added to a warm bath to soothe any irritated or itchy skin. My cornstarch will continue to bring them enjoyment for many years to come if just taken out of the box and used for its intended purpose.

I am so glad my salvation includes everlasting life which means absence of an expiration date on its packaging. The peace, love, and joy associated with my blessed gift can also be enjoyed every day for years to come into eternity. My infinite treasure can even soothe any irritations in life when I bathe in its warm, comforting promises. My immortal God provides so many benefits which carry no expiration date like His mercies, righteousness, strength, and kindness. I will live in an everlasting habitation in my Saviour’s everlasting kingdom. I am so thankful I will never have to proceed at my own risk when I face infinity and beyond!

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