Optimal Performance

Serving the Lord to the Fullest Extent Possible

To be a happy Christian, you must have a spiritual homeostatic equilibrium. This is a steady state of maintaining your optimal point or point of finest functioning for the Lord. If a muscle cell in your body is exposed to temperatures above or below your optimal point for physical performance (98.6 F), you shiver to bring your temperature up or perspire to bring it down.

In the Christian life, sometimes our equilibrium is off balance with a cold heart toward the things of God. God turns up the heat through trials to bring us back to our best optimal point of functioning for Him. When we are too zealous and jump ahead of His will, He might have to cool us down so we can be still and know that He is God. It is all for our good.

Sometimes we still do not submit to this care and enter a range of tolerance. This range of tolerance is when an organism remains alive but is not functioning properly. The farther from the optimal range the living organism is, the more poorly it functions. The limit of tolerance will soon be reached if the direction is not changed. This limit of tolerance ends in death. If you are a child of God, your soul will live forever with Him; but stretching God’s mercy to the limit of tolerance may end in a death of a testimony for the Lord.

Your spiritual homeostasis is at the top of God’s priority list for you. You must abide in God’s Word and listen to His Spirit. I want to be at the point of finest functioning for my Lord. How about you?

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