5 Aspects of Impactful Teaching

What approach produces results? How can I be a successful teacher? Consider five attributes exhibited by Gamaliel. In Acts 5:34–39, he stood, he spoke, and he swayed a difficult crowd!

1. Gamaliel had a previous reputation—He was “had in reputation among all the people.” When we read this first attribute, our initial thought may be that we don’t have a “previous reputation.” Develop one, through faithfulness, through excellence, through compassion.

2. Gamaliel utilized a powerful approach—He “commanded to put the apostles forth a little space.” Speak with authority and with confidence. We are delivering precious and pertinent truth. Let’s deliver with intensity!

3. Gamaliel delivered a probing request—“Take heed to yourselves.” Relate this to a life, to a situation, to a decision, to a direction!

4. Gamaliel provided pertinent illustrations—He challenged them to remember two historic individuals, Theudas and Judas. In a study of the teaching of Jesus, we will find that He consistently used illustrations, stories, pictures, and parables!

5. Gamaliel presented a passionate conclusionHe gave two courses to choose, directing all to the choice he determined to be best. Our teaching and our preaching must, at a minimum, arrive at the third level of Bloom’s taxonomy—application! If we simply provide knowledge and understanding of truth, yet we do not direct to a personal application, we miss the mark! To be impactful in our teaching, we must challenge listeners to apply

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