The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide

A Review of the Book by Yan Wee

The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide by Pastor Yan Wee of the Shalom Baptist Church in Singapore, is a book that would help any Christian become a better soulwinner and is especially helpful in training new soulwinners.

The book teaches three ways to present the Gospel: a textual presentation where the Gospel is presented verse by verse, a pictorial presentation where a soulwinner uses Scripture along with pictures, and a colored presentation which is much like the “wordless book” where four colors are used to represent different parts of the plan of salvation.

Most of the handbook is about answering questions the soulwinner will be asked. The answers to these questions are clearly presented for easy use, and helpful illustrations are given to simplify the message to the unsaved.

The book is outlined in a way that makes it easy to use in teaching or preaching. It helps those interested in winning souls by boosting their confidence in the things they have learned.

This book has been reprinted several times, and has already sold 15,000 copies through Chick Publications. Written by an independent Baptist pastor, the book is being used by some Bible colleges in the U.S. We are using it here in our personal evangelism classes. The section on Roman Catholicism has been helpful as we are in a predominantly Roman Catholic country.

Recently a number of Pastors and Bible college students here in the Philippines were able to receive copies of The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide. Some of these Christian workers began to share what a blessing this book was and how it helps them in leading people to the Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot remember a book that a group of workers were more excited about than this one.

Here are some of the comments made by pastors and Christian workers I know:

“This book encourages me to win more souls.”

“I’ve learned a lot—how to answer peoples’ questions, and now I have confidence to lead more souls to the Lord.”

“I really like the book because I’ve learned a lot about soulwinning and the end times.”

“I like the illustrations. They are very good.”

“The presentations are simple and easy for people to understand.”

 “This book has made me a better soul winner.”

“I use the material in my preaching and teaching. It has great outlines.”

“It is very good for Sunday school.”

 “The information on Roman Catholicism is very helpful.”

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