God’s Man in China

A Review of the Book by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor

This is probably the only book I would be willing to buy just to read the foreword! The forward summarizes Taylor’s heart for the Lord Jesus Christ, his love for people, and his ambition to reach inland China.

Written by his daughter-in-law, it is my favorite biography of Hudson Taylor. Taylor’s autobiography, A Retrospect, is very interesting, but he was far too humble to point out his Christ-like spirit and example. Mrs. Taylor brings to light countless experiences that only someone very close to the missionary could do.

Much like Charles Cowman, David Livingstone, Bob Hughes, and others, his character and spirit exceeded his accomplishments, which were amazing. At one time well over 1,200 missionaries were in China with the China Inland Mission.

Hudson Taylor’s excellence in following Biblical principles in his personal relationships is illustrated very well in this biography.

Anyone who takes the time to read this lengthy book will be blessed. I recently came across an edition that omits the foreword, so hopefully you can find one that has included it.

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