Fourth Quarter

A Review of the Book by Dr. Don Sisk

Some of the most fruitful members of any church are those who are in their “fourth quarter” of life. With the advantages of time and experience, they are uniquely qualified to enrich the ministries of the local church and invest their lives in others.

But many people in this age group struggle to understand their value and the significance of this season in their lives. Far too many Christians begin a downhill slide of disconnect and disengagement once they pass retirement.

Fourth Quarter: How to Finish Your Course with Joy is good news for any Christian seeking to make the last years of their life count for the Lord. In this book, Dr. Don Sisk reminds readers that just as the final minutes of a sports game are often the most crucial, so the final years of life can hold the greatest points of victory.

Nearing eighty years of age himself, Dr. Sisk shares in these pages the values and principles that have made the recent years of his life rich and fruitful—some of the most significant years of his life and ministry. Written with humor and insight, this minibook challenges readers to remain faithfully engaged in the work God has called them to do.

This book would make a great gift for Grandparents’ Day—as a single gift to your grandparents or for churches to give to all grandparents present. (Please contact Striving Together Publications for information on quantity discounts for churches.) I believe this book will encourage many to finish their course with joy and great fruitfulness! Click here for more information or to purchase a copy.

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