Tempted and Tried

Joseph Series—Part 4

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Text: Genesis 39:1–2

Title: Tempted and Tried

Introduction: As Joseph traveled deeper into the heart of Egypt with his Ishmaelite band, he began to see the wonders of this far away land. He saw the great pyramids and the Sphinx which, at the time, were already more than a thousand years old. His great-grandfather, Abraham, had seen them and now he was seeing them himself. He saw the powerful mansions of the wealthy situated next to the mud huts of the poor.

He was “checked in” at customs as a slave. His receipt was shown to the custom’s official. Soon, he was placed on the block and the bidding began. A man with a discerning eye at the sale that day. Maybe he needed a slave, or was simply “window-shopping” to see if anything was of interest to him. He was the captain of the king’s guard, and he knew men. When this 18 year old slave was placed on the blocks, he saw an air of presence about him. Certainly, if one could move past the look of betrayal that was obvious, this was no ordinary slave. He bid, and he won.

Potiphar soon recognized Joseph’s gifts. He had never known an honest slave, he knew few honest men, and he knew no honest officials, but this fellow Joseph—what a find he was!

Some of the most encouraging words that we will read in the life of Joseph are “and the LORD was with Joseph.”

No matter where we find Joseph, we also find the Lord.

I. Joseph’s Management

II. Joseph’s Morality

A. Adultery begins in the heart

B. Adultery comes from a lack of understanding

C. Adultery demonstrates a distorted view of love and commitment

D. What was the key to Joseph’s victory

1. He knew how he would answer.

2. He knew of his audience.

3. He knew of his authority.

III. Joseph’s Mistreatment

Conclusion: Remember, the circumstances of life may be the result of someone else’s sinful choices, but God wants to use them for your good!

Genesis 39:21a
But the LORD was with Joseph, and shewed him mercy

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