Heavenly Teaching about Thorns That Hurt

On the Trials of Life

I. A Witness—vs. 1-6

A. A witness of an unimaginable place: paradise—vs. 4
B. A witness of unspeakable words— vs. 4
C. A witness of unchangeable glory: immutable—vs. 5-6

II. A Weariness—vs. 7-8

A. A sovereign allowance: given—vs. 7
B. A severe affliction: thorn—vs. 7
C. A satanic assault: messenger of Satan to buffet me—vs. 7
D. A spiritual appeal: I besought the Lord thrice—vs. 8

III. A Willingness—vs. 9–10

A. A willing enjoyment: most gladly—vs. 9
B. A willing endurance: take pleasure—vs. 10

1. Willing to endure infirmities—disease, sickness, frailty

2. Willing to endure reproaches—insults, injury, harm

3. Willing to endure necessities—having needs, needful

4. Willing to endure persecutions—unjustified infliction of pain, punishment

5. Willing to endure distress—from a compound word: narrowness of room

C.    A willing enduement: power of Christ may rest upon me—vs. 9

IV. A Weakness—vs. 9

A. Through weakness learn to appreciate: My grace
B. Through weakness learn to appropriate: My strength

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