Great Mothers of the Bible

4 Biblical Role Models

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Text: Proverbs 31:10-31

Title: Great Mothers of the Bible

Introduction: Proverbs addresses the subject of a great mom in chapter thirty-one.

Here are four examples of mothers who displayed great faith.

I. Jochebed Had the Courage to Save Her Child (Exodus 2)

A. God allowed Jochebed to raise three children that made an impression on the world spiritually.

B. God gave Jochebed a burning desire to see her children live for God.

C. God used Jochebed to save the life of Moses—she sacrificed for her children.

II. Hannah Kept Her Vow to God (I Samuel 1:7)

A. Hannah knew that God would change the situation as He pleased.

B. Hannah ran to God in prayer.

C. Hannah kept her vow to God, and Samuel became God’s preacher in Israel.

III. Eunice Displayed Unfeigned Faith (II Timothy 1:5)

A. We do not see her husband named in the scriptural account, but Eunice still trained Timothy spiritually (her husband was Greek).

B. We see Eunice had a godly mother named Lois.

C. The Scriptures refer to Timothy as if he was instilled with spiritual truth in his childhood.

IV. Mary Was Committed to God’s Will (Luke 1:38)

A. Mary was called to give birth to the divine Christ child (Her Saviour).

B. Mary was calmed when she understood that this was God’s plan (The Gospel plan).

C. Mary was submitted to God’s will for providing a Saviour.

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