Except Ye Repent

A Sermon from Luke 13

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Luke 13:1–9

Title: Except Ye Repent

Introduction: We have all seen the signs that say “Repent or perish” or “Repent, the end is near!” We’ve also seen caricatures of those who carry such signs in cartoons. The picture usually includes a man wearing a ragged robe and an even more ragged beard. If the world uses the word repent at all, they usually use it to mock. And yet our Saviour says, “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”

I. The Account

A. The historical perspective

B. The historical particulars

1. The traitors

2. The tower

II. The Assumption

A. “They deserved it”

B. “We are different”

III. The Announcement

A. Jesus attacked their suppositions

B. Jesus affected their security

IV. The Alternative

A. Repentance

B. Ruin

V. The Application

A. The comparison

B. The care

C. The complaint

D. The counsel

Conclusion: May we understand that meaningful life is not found in ease; meaningful life is not found in the avoidance of responsibilities. For the child of God, real, abundant life comes in being yielded, active, and faithful in God’s service. Let us be fruitful fig trees.

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