The Foolishness of Waiting to Trust Christ

Speaking to his physician, John cried in great perplexity, “I might not live a week!”

“Of course you may not, John, but very likely you will, and the medicine will be in the house; it will keep; and if you find yourself getting worse, you could take some. I shall not charge anything for it. If you should feel worse tomorrow you might begin even then.”

“Sir, I may be dead tomorrow!”

“When would you propose to begin your medicine then, John?”

“Well, sir, I hoped you would tell me to begin today.”

“Begin today, by all means,” consented the doctor, kindly. “I am glad to see you realize how foolish it is to put off taking this medicine.” And then the physician, reflecting upon their past conversations about spiritual matters, inquired, “But are you not being just as foolish when you put off taking the medicine which the Great Physician has provided for your sin-sick soul? I plead with you, John; don’t put it off!”

Source: A Treasury of Bible Illustrations, Ted Kyle and John Todd
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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