Surrendering to Sin

In late September 1864 Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest was leading his troops north from Decatur, Alabama, toward Nashville. But to make it to Nashville, Forrest would have to defeat the Union army at Athens, Alabama. When the Union commander, Colonel Wallace Campbell, refused to surrender, Forrest asked for a personal meeting, and took Campbell on an inspection of his troops. But each time they left a detachment, the Confederate soldiers simply packed up and moved to another position, artillery and all. Forrest and Campbell would then arrive at the new encampment and continue to tally up the impressive number of Confederate soldiers and weaponry. By the time they returned to the fort, Campbell was convinced he couldn’t win and surrendered unconditionally!

Satan likes to deceive the Christian into thinking he must be a slave to sin. Once he has done that the Christian surrenders unconditionally.

Source: Nightlights for Students, Jim Fletcher, Roger Howerton
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Cost Baptist College

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