Simple Faith

A pastor in California was giving an invitation at the end of his Sunday morning message when a five-year old boy, sensing the invitation of the Holy Spirit came down the aisle. Not knowing if the boy was old enough to understand salvation, the pastor took him to his office and began to ask some theological questions. The more he questioned, the more confused the boy became. Finally, in exasperation, the little fellow stopped and innocently pleaded, “Pastor Patterson, in your message this morning you said that if I would come and ask Jesus to save me—He would! Now, did you really mean that or not?”

The pastor said, “I didn’t ask him any more questions after that.” He helped the boy to respond to God’s invitation by inviting Jesus Christ to be his Saviour.

Source: Living Beyond Your Capacity, Dr. Paul Chappell
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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