She Chose Radiation

A thirty-six year old mother was discovered to be in the advanced stages of terminal cancer. One doctor advised her to spend her remaining days on vacation. A second physician offered her the hope of living two more years with the grueling side effects of radiation. She penned the following words to her three small children:

“I’ve chosen to try to survive for you. This has some horrible costs, including pain, loss of good humor, and moods I won’t be able to control. But, I must try this, if only on the outside chance that I might live one minute longer. And that minute could be the one you might need me when no one else will do. For this I intend to struggle tooth and nail, so help me God.”

People attempt to prove their love through many different means and some go to great lengths to do so. But no one ever proved their love like Jesus did in dying for us.

Source: Focus on the Family, May 1985

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