Releasing a King Cobra

Gary Richmond gained an interesting perspective on snakes while working with a snake handler in a zoo. Richmond and four others milked the venom of a King Cobra. This was an extremely dangerous task as the King Cobra has enough venom to kill one thousand adults.

An entire roll of paper towels was pushed into the cobra’s open mouth which then promptly closed. Once the paper towels were saturated with the lethal venom and they were ready to release the snake, the curator gave an important warning: “More people are bitten trying to let go of snakes than when they grab them.” If the cobra was not released properly, it could turn and bite its captors.

Many people claim to repent of sin, but they do not forsake it. That is like letting go of the cobra’s head but not its tail.

Source: A View from the Zoo, Gary Richmond
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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