God Has Plans for Your Life

Some time ago I came across this “message from God” that shows His love and concern for you and I so beautifully:

My Precious Child,
I am in control. I am sovereign. I am able to make things happen the way I want them to go. Yes, I allow you to make your own choices. And I know you don’t fully understand how these ideas can operate side by side. But I’m able to work within and around the choices you make to cause My ultimate purposes to succeed. For this, you must trust Me. Ask Me about your choices and plans. My wisdom is yours if you’ll ask.

I want you to cooperate with My plans. When the people around you don’t do that, be assured, I am still in control. I will fulfill My plan. Their choices are their own, but I’m still in control. Trust me. I’ll use it for your good.

Your Heavenly Father, the King

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