Don’t Let Down Your Guard

It was a stifling hot morning that August in Hiroshima, Japan. In 1945, citizens feared a pending air strike from the allied forces of World War II. Many people were evacuating belongings from their homes and making preparation for their safety. Hiroshima was one of the largest cities in Japan that had not yet been hit, and most people expected a raid any day.

When the air raid siren sounded the morning of August 6, 1945 the city thought the attack had begun, but a few minutes later, the all clear was sounded. Japanese radar operators, seeing only three American planes, decided that this was not a serious attack. A few moments later, the first atomic bomb used in war was dropped on the city, killing tens of thousands of people instantly. They believed that they were safe from attack, not realizing the nature of what was about to happen.

Often Christians make the fatal mistake of underestimating our enemy. He is vicious and determined, and if we let down our guard, he will strike. The Bible warns us not to forsake wisdom. It is not enough to merely know and follow the principles our living God lays out for us in His Word. We must continue to live them out to be kept safe.

Source: Hiroshima, John Hersey

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