Catch Hold of the Rope of Faith

Some years ago a bargeman and a collier were in a boat above the rapids of a cataract, and found themselves unable to manage it, being carried so swiftly down the current that they must both inevitably be borne down and dashed to pieces. One was saved by grasping a rope that was thrown to him. The same instant that the rope came into his hand, a log floated by the other man. The thoughtless and confused bargeman, instead of seizing the rope, laid hold on the log. It was a fatal mistake; they were both in imminent peril; but one was drawn to shore, because he had a connection with the people on the land, while the other, clinging to the loose, floating log, was borne irresistibly along, and never heard of afterwards. Faith has a saving connection with Christ. Faith is on the shore, holding the rope, and, as we lay hold of it with the hand of our confidence, He pulls us to the shore; but our good works, having no connection with Christ, are drifted along down to the gulf of despair.

Source: Knight's Treasury of Illustrations, Walter B. Knight, quoting Charles Spurgeon
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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