Being a Missionary

The one major and compelling reason why missionaries must continue to be sent is because it is God’s will. It is His method of bringing the Gospel of Jesus to the world.

Sometimes two objections are raised about this. First, some people say: Why not just send money to support missionaries from the Third World? They are a lot cheaper and usually more effective.

True. Supporting a Third World missionary costs a fraction of what it costs to support a Western missionary, and the Third World missionary is often (but by no means always) more effective in evangelism than his Western counterpart. But there are simply not enough Third World missionaries to do the job alone—even given their increasing numbers. And there are many places Third World missionaries can’t easily get to. Sending missionaries is the responsibility of churches around the globe: “All nations to all nations.”

Furthermore, if Western churches were to begin sending only checks, their vital commitment to missions would decrease. Our commitment will only be maintained by sending our own sons and daughters out as missionaries—and ourselves as well. God didn’t send a check; He sent His Son.

Source: On Being a Missionary, Thomas Hale
Submitted by Dr. Don Sisk

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