Abortion or Murder?

A worried woman sought the help of her gynecologist in securing an abortion. She explained that she was desperate because she already had a child that was not yet one. The doctor thought for a moment and then suggested what he believed to be a better alternative. He noted his plan would be healthier for her body and make her life less stressful. He then blurted out, “If we’re going to kill one child, let’s kill the baby you already have. It will be safer on your body and it will give you several months to get rested up before taking on all of the responsibilities of being a new mother.” She was horrified by the doctor’s recommendation and told him so. She reminded him that it was a crime to kill a child and drew back from the man she thought she could trust. He relaxed his posture and then said he agreed. He had graphically communicated a terrible truth that eludes so many. Though harsh and abrasive, his strategy not only saved the life of an unborn child, but it redeemed the life of a woman who was about to make a tragic mistake, which she would never forget and always regret.

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