What You Cannot Do Alone

Soulwinning Is a Team Effort

Mark chapter two is a familiar passage that shows how four concerned friends brought another friend to Christ. There are four types of people shown in this passage:

The crowd

The Christ

The cripple

The co-laborers

These four types of people are a picture of the effectiveness of how co-laboring together and tag-teaming are essential in bringing people to Christ. Here are five aspects of soulwinners seen in the lives of the men who brought their friend to Christ.

1. We See the Desire of These Men

They had a crippled friend who needed their help in getting him to Jesus. They had a great desire to bring this crippled friend to Jesus.

Do you have a desire to do whatever it takes to bring people to Christ?

2. We See the Dedication of These Men

They had a oneness about getting their friend to the Lord. As we will see, these men dedicated their day, their efforts, and their resources to get this man to Jesus.

It takes dedication, that is, real commitment, on our part if we want to consistently see results from our soulwinning efforts.

3. We See the Diligence of These Men

They could not come in through the front door. So, they went on top of the roof, took it apart, and carefully lowered their friend down to Jesus!

It takes a lot of work and diligence to turn a suspect into a prospect, and a prospect into a new convert.

4. We See the Depth of These Men

Jesus commends these men for their faith!

They had an incredible faith that believed that their friend would benefit from meeting the Lord.

What kind of faith do we have when we go out soul winning?

5. We See the Dividends of These Men

Their friend was healed and given a new start in life!

Soulwinning is about team work. It is about every ministry and minister of the church strategically working together to bring every member of the family to Christ.

Let’s determine to strengthen our co-laboring efforts in seeing people saved and added to the church!

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