Using Creativity in Soulwinning

The Christian Should Be Soul-Conscious at All Times

Sharing the gospel is a very controversial topic to most churchgoers. Most Christians would agree that we are to share the love of Christ. The controversy comes from the very few who actually do it. Curtis Hutson once said, “The only alternative to soulwinning is disobedience.” When we compare this quote to the Word of God, it is absolutely correct. How many Christians live in disobedience simply because they do not share their faith?

I realize that everyone cannot attend the organized outreach times we have on Thursday night and Saturday morning. We all have busy schedules. Sometimes we have this misconception that if we are not knocking on doors, we are not soulwinning. You can still reach out if you cannot make it to an organized outreach time.

Here are some creative ways to spread the gospel:

Burst the Bubble

People crave a relationship. Facebook and other social networking companies have made millions by meeting this simple need. When did the church become for Christians only? Is that why Jesus established the church? No, the church is a hospital for the hurting.

In my experience, I have found that you can talk to just about anybody as long as the topic is right. There are people all around you looking for a relationship. Be the friend who introduces them to the greatest relationship of all. Be warned though, this may be out of your comfort zone!

Use Home Field Advantage

In any sport, playing at home is a pretty significant advantage. When you stand on someone’s front porch, you are at their mercy. You pray their home field advantage does not include a shotgun or a pit bull.

As Christians, we have a home field advantage too. It is within the walls of where you live. Use your home and hospitality to your advantage. Invite your neighbors and friends from work to your home for some great food and some fun. Use this time to give an unsaved person a glimpse inside of a saved person’s life. As the host, the guests have to listen to what you say so close the night with an invitation to one of your church’s outreach events like Easter Sunday. Some people who may never darken the door of a church will come eat your food and open their hearts.

See a Need, Take the Lead

Tragedies strike families and individuals every day. From the richest man in a mansion to the homeless on the streets, everyone has problems. Some people do not have a church to turn to in these times of trouble. You can be an encouragement to people when they need it the most. This is not only a personal touch, but it is a great example to your kids about loving others.

Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru line and leave a tract. Take a pie to your neighbors. There are endless possibilities and ways that you can show God’s love to people. Demonstrating the love of God with action will open doors for you to be a witness.

Please don’t read into this article and think that if you take someone a cake, you are the master soulwinner. You can still knock on doors and spread the word about your church at an organized outreach time. Here is the point: you are not off the hook with God because you work during your church’s scheduled soulwinning time. You are called to be a light, and some lights shine differently than others!

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