9 Tips for Witnessing to Muslims

1. Pray for Them

Diligently ask the Holy Spirit to work in their heart. It’s not by your power or your arguments that they will be saved.

2. Become Friends

Don’t rush. Friendship develops trust, and trust opens many doors.

3. Witness to Your Same Gender

Men should witness to men, and women should witness to women. Muslim men will not respect a woman.

4. Use Verses with which Muslims Find Common Ground

Give as much gospel as possible without starting a debate. Especially emphasize God’s grace and the impossibility of salvation by works.

5. Let Your Life Reveal Jesus Christ

Muslims can see a difference in dedicated Christians. An Egyptian Muslim once told me, “I know you are a real Christian. I see everyone here at the university and think they are all phony. But I watched the lives of the young men who witnessed to me, and I could tell they believed what they preached.”

6. Do Not Witness to Muslims in front of Other Muslims

If other Muslims find out you are witnessing to one of their friends, the group will shield him from you. You may never get another opportunity.

7. Always Separate Them as an Individual from Islam

Instead of saying “All you Muslims believe…” say “Islam teaches….” Ask, “Do you believe that you are saved?” Make it about that individual’s beliefs and conscience.

8. Do Not Put down the Prophet of Islam

Speak respectfully of Mohammed, even though he is a false prophet.

9. Do Not Rush Them to Make a Decision

Give time for the Holy Spirit to work. Once he does, wait for the fruits of the Spirit to appear before determining if he is saved.

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