Increasing the Harvesters

Harvest Vision—Part 3

This is part three of this article. Please click here to read part one or two.

After twenty centuries of church history, the words of Jesus in Matthew 9:37 are still applicable, “The laborers are few.” Only a few pastors, evangelists and churches are really soul conscious. How many congregations do you know that are really on fire for evangelism? The very term soulwinning is now scorned among some. Evangelistic campaigns, special evangelistic days, public invitations and most anything that smells aggressively evangelistic is labeled, by some, “decisionism”.

In all my travels, I have never been to a mission field that had too many missionaries. Nationals have taken me to cities of half a million to a million people that had no Gospel witness at all. When I visited the multi-million soul city of Soweto, outside of Johannesburg, S. Africa, I was informed that no Gospel preaching church existed. I have been in villages and towns across this globe that had no church of any kind.

Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 9:38 are for us to, “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.” Many times pastors bemoan the fact that so few are surrendering for full-time Christian service. May I suggest that you have a Matthew 9:38 prayer meeting? Call the church to an all night or half night of prayer and plead with God for laborers for the harvest. Pray that the congregation will get a harvest vision.

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