The Elevator Concept

5 Ways to Be All In

Ladies ministry is a very important part of the local church. It can make or break the spirit of the ladies in the church, depending on the leadership of the ministry. It is my desire as the coordinator of the ladies ministries of our church to lead the leaders so that they can lead their team. The team will then have a positive influence on each lady who attends events that are designed to influence ladies to grow spiritually.

The following is a leadership session that I shared with our ladies leaders. I hope it will help you to lead the leaders in your church as you grow in your leadership of ladies ministries.

Think about the phrase be all in. The word be means “to equal in meaning; to have the same connotation as.” The word all refers to the whole quantity. The word in indicates location or position within something.

Have you ever had an electronic door close on you because you weren’t all in? I have on several occasions. An elevator is a perfect example. Before you know it, the door is beeping loudly, making you feel as if you did something terribly wrong. The door begins to close. If it was an older elevator, the door might have closed on your arm or leg. The bottom line is that you were not all in, yet the door began to close anyway. If it was a newer elevator it gave you a bit more of a chance to clear your body before it physically touched you. Either way, because you were not all in, the elevator was not operable. The elevator could not operate until you were all in or all out!

Matthew 15:1–20 gives us a clear picture of the Scribes and Pharisees. They were not all in. They had religion, but they didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. They had traditions, but they did not enjoy time with the Saviour. The Scribes and Pharisees didn’t get it. They didn’t understand. They chose not to be teachable. They were not all in!

1. Be All in Spiritually

You cannot be a spiritual leader to your team if you do not have a spiritual appetite.

2. Be All in Motivationally

Be motivated about your event.

What can you accomplish for Christ through your area of leadership?

3. Be All in in Your Leadership

The purpose of the structure of our ministry is that each layer of leadership leads the people under them.

We don’t just want an excellent event. We want an excellent event that reaches the hearts of people. Having a large number in attendance is not the goal; the goal is to grow people spiritually.

4. Be All in through Your Inreach

Grow and encourage the people that are already in your church.

Each lady needs to be invited and feel welcome to the event or ministry.

Do not assume that people know what your ministry does.

5. Be All in through Your Outreach

Who does your ministry reach?

Do you have vision for outreach?

Think about the elevator concept. Are you all in?

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