Enjoying the Journey

Lessons God Taught Me from the Mountaintop

My husband’s family is from southwest Colorado, so I have had the opportunity to vacation there with my family many times. I always enjoyed taking daytrips, driving up into the majestic Rocky Mountains and seeing the wonders of God’s creation. As we drove, I would often find myself saying, “Look at that view!” But after time, I began noticing that there was less vegetation the higher we went in elevation.

As we would make our way back down the valley, we saw beautiful farms, lush gardens, and an abundance of trees. It was during those country drives that God taught me several lessons regarding spiritual growth.

1. The view from the mountaintop was awesome.

2. Little growth took place on top of the mountain.

3. There were many twists and turns getting to the top.

4. At times, it was even scary getting to the top.

5. Real growth took place in the valleys.

In our life’s journey, we will find ourselves either enjoying the mountaintop experiences or fearing the dark lonely valleys. God intends for both experiences to be for our good.

So, today if you find yourself down in the valley, dig deeper into God’s Word. Spend more time in prayer. Seek God’s face, and remember that in the valley is where “growing in the Lord” occurs.

Maybe you are on the mountaintop. Life is going fairly well for you. The danger of being on the mountaintop is that you may not rely on the Lord like you did in the valley. It seems Christians pray less or serve less when all is well. That’s when you need to enjoy God’s blessings and to thank Him for his goodness. But remember without the growth in the valley, you would never have known the beauty of the mountaintop.

Wherever you find yourself today, enjoy the journey! “For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me.” Psalm 31:3

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