ABC’s for School Parents in 2017

A—Acknowledge your need for the Lord in the training of your children.

B—Begin each school day with prayer before leaving your home.

C—Correct bad habits for studying and doing homework which may have developed last semester.

D—Determine to communicate with your child’s teacher every week.

E—Encourage your child to do his best for the Lord.

F—Forward any change of information to the school office as soon as possible.

G—Grow as a Christian parent this new year.

H—Humble yourself before God. God gives grace to the humble.

I—Instruct your child in righteousness according to God’s Word.

J—Joke with your child. Enjoy the journey of parenting.

K—Keep television/media watching to a minimum.

L—Live a godly life before your children and their friends.

M—Memorize Scripture together as a family in your home.

N—Notice when your child does right; praise your child publicly; reprimand them privately.

O—Obey the principles of God’s Word.

P—Practice saying “Thank you,” “Yes ma’am,” “Yes sir,” “No ma’am,” and “No sir” with your child.

Q—Quickly say, “I am sorry” to your child if you were in the wrong.

R—Rehearse the times that the Lord has answered prayer and met needs in your family.

S—Silence bad attitudes.

T—Talk to your child. Ask questions; build relationships. “Rules without relationships breed rebellion.”

U—Understand what your child can do at his/her particular age. All children should have chores.

V—Vary ways to say “thank you” to your child’s teacher.

W—Write notes to your child. Leave them in lunch bags, lockers, and other places.

X—Expect great things from the Lord this new year.

Y—Yield yourself to the Lord each morning.

Z—“Zoom” to church….every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night.

Have a great finish to this school year!

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