The Cement of Character

Talent Must Be Undergirded by Character

Some of today’s great college athletes never fulfill their potential. Though exceptionally talented, they fail to succeed in both sport and life. This is because their talent took them to a place where their character could not sustain them. Think about that principle for a moment; talent is not enough.

Undergirding all we do is our character; and if it is deficient, in time it will be exposed and we will come tumbling down. Every year we hear about athletic stars who get themselves into trouble and lose a scholarship or millions of dollars in the pros because of poor character. We too can lose much when placed in positions of leadership or responsibility and then because of undeveloped character we break a trust, talk poorly of someone, or fail to do right. The place we held could not be sustained because we lacked what was most important—character.

Be careful not to let your talents, abilities, intelligence, or even relationships take you where your character cannot sustain you. The friendships we have, the talents God gives, and the abilities we develop are all wonderful gifts, but all must be supported by character. Character matters!

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