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How God Is Using the Capitol Connection in Washington D.C.

The miraculous history of the United States of America is due in part to the sacred fire of the American pulpit. It has been the preachers who have unashamedly preached the whole counsel of God’s Word.

As the colonists suffered from the tyranny of Great Britain, preachers helped them recognize their God given rights according to the Bible. Pastors were men of resilient testimonies with fiery dispositions.

“Thunder and lightning” are the words used by John Adams to describe the ministers of Philadelphia. Thomas Jefferson reflected on the pulpit oratory as “a shock of electricity” throughout Virginia. Furthermore, a countless host of preachers became a courageous inspiration to their congregations by serving as chaplains and officers in the Continental Army.

From this, our forefathers acknowledged the importance of biblical truth. They understood that in order for a civilization to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness God must have preeminence and His Word must have a priority. This is how America was founded.

Liberals and revisionist historians are trying to hide the fact that the preaching of God’s Word during the Revolutionary War was the key element that created the spirit of independence. Men like Isaac Backus, Jonathan Mayhew, and John Leland would strongly stand behind their pulpits and boldly preach the Word of God, kindling the revival fires of freedom and liberty. The reason our founders were who they were was because many of them were the children of the Great Awakening. They grew up listening to men who were preaching without a license from the state-run church, men who did so under the threat of losing their lives.

Many times, Patrick Henry’s mother would sneak him out at night to listen to some of these unlicensed preachers. These men, so fiery in their passion for the gospel, were the ones who instilled in our founders a reverence for God. In return, our forefathers were willing to put their wealth, their reputation, and ultimately their life on the line for the slim chance of birthing a nation unlike any other nation in history.

As God’s people, it is imperative for us to recognize and reclaim what our forefathers originally intended for this great nation. We cannot idly stand by and let evil prevail.

One of the men God is greatly using to make a difference in our nation is Dr. Chuck Harding. Dr. Harding grew up in Washington, D.C. and has a passion to see God’s Word influence the decisions of our nation. For many years, God gave him the unique opportunity of being the Deputy Commander of the Uniformed Protective Branch for the Diplomatic Security Service at the State Department. Because of this background, he has seen our government in action first-hand and is now able to provide effective governmental assistance and advice for pastors and churches. He is the founder of Awake America Ministries and preaches God and Country meetings and Constitutional awareness conferences nationwide.

Pastor Mike Creed from Clinton, Maryland, has partnered with Dr. Harding regarding his burden for our elected officials and their staff members in our nation’s capital. Brother Creed together with Evangelist Chuck Harding, formed an organization entitled Awake America. Over the last few years they have been notifying pastors and asking them to pray earnestly for their elected officials.

In March of this year, the Independent Baptist Church hosted an Awake America conference called Capitol Connection. Hundreds of pastors from all over the United States gathered for this event.

Those who were privileged to be a part saw something amazing happen. The leaders of God were able to meet with the leaders of our government. This unprecedented event came about from a desire born out of God’s Word in Romans chapter thirteen to honor the office of governmental leadership.

Capitol Connection was carried out by loving, gracious, kind pastors who have a burden for America, but above everything else, they have a burden to see Jesus Christ and His Word honored.

Pastors went into offices all over Capitol Hill to meet and pray with our national leaders. They handed out Bibles and copies of a book Awake America compiled entitled Prayers that Shaped America. Several government officials met with these pastors for as long as forty minutes. Many leaders, who are typically opposed to prayer, allowed these pastors to pray with them. These meetings have connected the leaders of our churches to the leaders of our nation.

This event has been a strong encouragement for pastors and political leaders. Pastor Creed shared that the media tries to suppress the fact that there are several government officials who are Christians. Most of the pastors are surprised to find out how many of the leaders are born again believers. In fact, many of the political leaders shared that what America needs is revival. Not only has Capitol Connection encouraged the pastors, but it has also encouraged the political leaders themselves. Many of these leaders are so accustomed to people seeking them with some hidden agenda. Often, those who come into their offices come just to share their opinions or give discouraging comments. Pastor Creed shared that he personally goes into the offices and simply asks these leaders if he can pray with them and if they have anything they would like him to pray about. He shared, “I just let them know that I care, and I’m available if they need me.” So many of the political leaders have been touched by these simple acts of kindness. A world with so much publicity is often the loneliest life. Several of these leaders are thrilled to see these pastors intentionally show compassion.

Many of the political leaders came for the preaching at Capitol Connection. As a result of this convention, several of the leaders have professed salvation. Brother Creed shared that he has even been contacted by a political leader about providing discipleship material.

After seeing the results of this conference, multiple pastors from Capitol Connection have gone home and started doing the same on a local level. They have become acquainted with their county and state officials and have made themselves available for prayer and spiritual encouragement. Leaders all over the country have been touched by the genuine compassion of these pastors.

Many Christians feel that they should not be involved with politics for various reasons. Some see the downward spiral of our country and choose to stay away. Others feel that they should not allow their Christian views to influence the government. Many are even slightly intimidated by the government.

Awake America and Capitol Connection have also focused on getting Christians into political offices. Attorney David Gibbs, Jr., shared that one of the best things Christians can do to see America saved is “to get involved in our state and county governments.” Christians can become part of county boards and city councils. Christians who are not running can become involved by casting their votes for good leaders. There are numerous ways for Christians to make an impact on this country. To find out more about Awake America visit

This article originally appeared in the Baptist Voice.

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