4 Benefits of the Resurrection

4 Reasons to Rejoice in the Empty Tomb

1. Proof of Salvation

The Resurrection validated the claims of Jesus and provided ultimate credibility to His person. Because the Resurrection offers such proof, we can believe His message; moreover, we can belong to the Master (i.e. we can take Him at His simple word and be saved!).

2. Power over Sin

Paul lamented that a man, minus the power of God, has no hope of living in spiritual victory. Indeed, power over sin in our own strength is assuredly an exercise in futility. But the Resurrection power of Jesus Christ—the new life He provided to believers—enables us to live in victory over the enslaving power of sinful flesh as we reckon ourselves to be alive unto God through Jesus Christ.

For the believer, power over sin is a bona fide possibility that is effectual by faith.

3. Purpose for Serving

Think about it—because of our resurrection life in Christ we are connected with the Lord. By His Spirit He indwells us. We are partakers of His divine nature! In the words of Alfred Ackley, “I serve a risen Saviour. He’s in the world today. I know that He is living whatever men may say. I see His hand of mercy. I hear His voice of cheer, and just the time I need Him, He’s always near!”

The Resurrection means that Christ is with me and will never leave me. It means that I have a context for my life. It’s not about fifty or sixty or seventy years—it’s about eternity and living my life with that eternity in view.

4. Promise of Security

Based upon the fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, we who trust in Him will rise too! God assures us of this by His teaching on firstfruits. The earliest ripened fruit, vegetable, or grain serves as a harbinger of the main harvest to follow. Christ arose and provided the sure hope that—in Him—we can all have confident hope of a glorified body. (Sounds good to me! My body tends to ache a bit more with every passing year!)

I don’t know much about what tomorrow holds, but I am profoundly grateful–whatever speed bumps lie in the way—that the truth about my future includes a perfection in Christ forever!

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