17 Results of Not Praying

Thought Provoking Consequences

We go to prayer conferences and even preach on prayer. But do we truly pray? I found the following thoughts about prayerlessness to be thought provoking and decided to share them with you.

When I do not pray:

1. I have less and less of a desire for God.

2. I “stress out” as the world sucks me dry.

3. I have a loss of ongoing purification in my heart and soul.

4. I find that it becomes hard to pray.

5. Other things fill God’s place.

6. I cease to have a close relationship with God.

7. In crisis, I turn to psychology instead of prayer, or I just give in to the crisis.

8. I begin to look around for other gods to fill the void in my heart.

9. I lose focus and purpose in life.

10. I live a practical atheism, professing to believe in God, but living without Him.

11. God does not bring joy to my heart.

12. I experience emptiness.

13. I go on the lookout for someone or something to affirm me instead of God.

14. I get involved with things in order to feel good about myself.

15. I cease to think about eternal life and focus on this world’s concerns.

16. I do not witness to others about the Lord.

17. I usually become a stumbling block to others.

May the Lord help us to pray without ceasing.

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