Training Your Children to Turn out Right

A Review of the Book by David Sorenson

This book has helped me so much. I have not only read it but have had the privilege of teaching through it. I appreciate the author’s honest, Biblical approach. I was greatly helped by the teaching on righteousness. We must teach our children to do right simply because it is right. So many current teachings on parenting promote an incentive program or an agreement approach to getting our children to obey. The author shows the Bible teaches that obedience should be done immediately simply because it is right.

I was greatly challenged by the teaching on God’s Word and how we must read it every day, day and night. I have always been taught to read my Bible every day, 365 days a year. I don’t believe I have ever been challenged to read it both in the morning and evening every day. David Sorenson teaches Joshua 1:8 and carefully explains the Biblical promise and guarantee that accompanies that command.

Susanah and I have such a desire to be the best parents we can be. I am always studying the subject of parenting. This book was helpful and practical and I would recommend it to any parent who truly wants their children to turn out right.

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