First Steps for New Christians

I love soulwinning! It is not something I feel I am good at, but I have learned that the more you go the more fruit you will have. I love the quote by Dr. Curtis Hutson, “The only alternative to soulwinning is disobedience to God.” I truly want to obey and please my heavenly Father. The Bible tells us Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. If this was His purpose, I certainly want it to be mine as well.

When the Lord crosses my path with someone I am able to share the Gospel with and they trust Christ, I always want to have something to give them to help nurture their spiritual growth. Years ago, I discovered this resource and have given away hundreds. I do my best to give one to every person I have the opportunity to lead to the Lord. I encourage them to work through each chapter, and I tell them that I will connect back with them and review each chapter and answer any questions they might have. I feel this investment in their initial growth is equally my responsibility as it is to share the Gospel with them. I am the father of four young children and understand how much they need me after birth. So it is with every new Christian. They need spiritual guidance to flourish and to develop a sure foundation.

I believe I have a significant responsibility to provide guidance in spiritual growth and development for all of those whom I lead to the Lord. I know that I cannot be with them for every question and test they face, but I can equip them with growth resources. For this reason, I love this book! It is the perfect gift for every new believer. I would encourage you to use this resource in your pursuit of the great commission and fulfilling your desire to have fruit that remains.

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