In His Time

Joseph Series—Part 7

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Genesis 41:41–45

Title: In His Time

Introduction: Joseph’s name was changed to Zaphnathpaaneah. A.W. Pink says that this name, to the Egyptians, would have meant, “savior of the world.” Joseph, like Christ, had come through his time of suffering and now becomes the human savior of Egypt, always a picture of the world.

I. Joseph’s Burden—prosperity, power, and the potential for pride

A. Prosperity—often substitutes the material for the spiritual

B. Power—seeks its own preservation rather than God’s plan

C. Pride—often sees the mirror instead of the Maker

II. Joseph’s Bride—A picture of the church

III. Joseph’s Blessing—The blessing of bread and of birth

A. The blessing of bread

B. The blessing of birth

Conclusion: You can again enjoy the wonderful fruit of the Spirit of which God’s power is the key. If you want to be fruitful and be used to help others, remember to forget.

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