Facing the Giant of Bitterness

Facing Your Giants—Part 3

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Ephesians 4:30–32

Title: Bitterness 

Introduction: According to our passage, no believer has a “right” to be bitter. We are told that we are to release, “All bitterness,” and that it is to be completely put away from us. This requires action on our part. You must release the bitterness, because it will never release you. You may cut the tip of the weed off, but unless it is rooted out, you will never be free from it.

I. The Contamination of Bitterness

II. The Cause of Bitterness

A. Willful Ignorance of the Providence of God

B. Refusing to Release the Offender

III. The Characteristics of Bitterness

A. Bitterness Remembers Details

B. Bitterness Accuses Others and Excuses Self

C. Bitterness Lives Alone

D. Bitterness Reveals Itself

IV. The Cure for Bitterness

A. Receive the Grace of God

B. Take Ownership

C. Release Both the Offense and the Offender

Conclusion: Think about the oyster. It takes a grain of sand and turns it into a beautiful pearl. Too often we are just the opposite—we take pearls and turn them into grains of sand.

Has God sent you a grain of sand? What will it do to you? Or, what will it do for you?

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