Top 10 Questions Pastors Are Never Asked

Pastoring is the greatest profession in all the world, in my opinion. If we don’t learn to laugh with and at ourselves, we will undoubtedly suffer burnout. Whether you are a pastor or not, I hope that these “top 10″ lists will bring a smile to your face. The list below is offered lightheartedly, realizing that many dear Christians defy the stereotypes that these questions imply.

  1. How early should I arrive in order to save seats on one of the front three rows?
  2. Would it be too much to ask if you’d add ten minutes to your sermons? The time passes by much too quickly.
  3. Pastor, I know it’s the Super Bowl tonight, but would it be possible to add the Lord’s Supper to the end of the service?
  4. It’s been awhile since you’ve preached on tithing, Pastor. Would you consider doing a series in the near future?
  5. Thank you for taking time to counsel me, Pastor. Now could you help me identify the ways by which I might be part of the problem in this situation?
  6. I heard that Bro. Janitor is sick, have you found anyone yet to clean the toilets, because I’m available?
  7. Isn’t the temperature in the auditorium always just right?
  8. Would you pray for safety on the roads as we travel back from our vacation this *Saturday*?
  9. I’m having trouble hearing you preach, could you turn the volume up?
  10. Would you put me on the nursery schedule for Mother’s Day?


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