Appreciation in Church Planting

Why Church Planters Should Show Gratitude

Appreciation is defined as, “recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.” The act of showing appreciation does not win souls or build churches, but it is an important virtue that must not be neglected.

Today’s society is cursed by an attitude of privilege. It seems everyone expects others to cater to their wants and desires without consideration of the sacrifice that is being made for their benefit. Our society reminds me of the ten lepers Jesus healed in Luke chapter seventeen, with only one returning to give thanks.

Showing appreciation states that we appreciate the worth of those who give us kindness. Church planters are the recipients of much kindness such as monetary support, equipment, and volunteers to help canvass neighborhoods.

Church planters should be grateful and should learn how to properly express gratitude to those who show them kindness. They should send thank you letters to every church that allows them to present their work. Special appreciation should be shown to those who provided meals, housing, or other gifts.

Every supporting church should receive a monthly, or at least a bi-monthly update of the progress of the new church. This monthly letter will require time to write, and it will require money to send it out. The cost, time, and inconvenience make a statement of your appreciation. It is poor Christian etiquette not to send out this update to churches. In essence, church planters who do not send out a report demonstrate a lack of gratitude.

Writing notes requires time and money, but it is a must for every preacher. This practice is not only important during the infancy stages of the church, but it is important for the duration of the ministry. As the church grows and matures, this practice should be continued toward members and leaders of the church. Good leadership recognizes the importance of its followers.

Gratitude exemplifies the worth of those who help along the way to make your ministry a success. People need to know of the significance of their contribution. Showing proper appreciation exemplifies a Christ-like spirit.

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